Its been a busy and challenging week. I am feeling shattered and have an IBS flare up which is not going to help the weekend go smoothly.

Kindergym went well on Monday – Thomas acted up a bit as I was there but nothing too bad. He is a very thoughtful little boy and often had an expression of deep concentration on his face when listening or doing an activity. At the end Shaila called me over and said that she was a bit concerned that Thomas doesn’t always understand her as he doesn’t react when she says something. I think its more to do with him planning a response – he so often answers a question with a long statement or another question rather than just yes/no. I have no concerns that he has comprehension problems – although selective hearing Sometimes. Robert was fine in the creche and was asleep in one of the leaders arms when I came to collect him.

Wednesday started off fine but by lunchtime Robert was obviously poorly – lacklustre and whiny – An investigation discovered a back tooth had come through – by evening he hd a bit of a scary temperature, however he spat out Calpol but was fine overnight.

Thursday morning he woke up seemingly better which was good as we had a busy day planned. In the morning we went to a Subsonics ‘Teddy Bears picnic’ at church – around 40 small children plus Mums gathered for fun and games – they started off with songs and then made a teddy mask. Thomas was a bit daunted by all the children I think and was very quiet – he did join in but very queitly. Robert really enjoyed watching the mayhem. Snack was Fruit Shoots – chocolate cake and skittles, what do people think of when planning snacks! 10 minutes later mayhem ensued – kids were runing around madly and even thomas (who needless to say had had water and a plainish biscuit was getting wild – I asked what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to go – so we did . I think he showed a bit of insight that he wasn’t coping with the amount of children etc. We went to the park for 20 mins and then went to the community centre and met Leslie for lunch – that was hard work as her DS wanted to be asleep rather than eating and was very whiny.

In the afternoon we met Elaine and Hayley for a family activity day at the library. There was a professional story teller who was good but didn’t really keep thomas’s attention for too long – too mny princesses and no trains in the story! So we went to the activties upstairs and had fun playing with water (measuring) and scales (weighing) and a bug that moved around the floor (sequencing). All this time I was trying to get Robert to sleep and he was resisting – he was also getting warm again :(. We left and walked up the hill with Elaine.

When we got home I fed Robert to sleep and then he woke up and was sick – I changed us both – he was sick again and again 😦 . Poor lamb. Thomas was plonked in front of the tv whilst I dealt with the washing and stuff.

Friday morning he was much better but Thomas was ‘insupportable’ in a reaction – he weed on the floor refused to eat and made lots of mess. Robert was refusing to sleep and when I did get him to nod off thomas was making lots of noise and waking him up on purpose – grrrrr. The day got better though as we (I) made quite a successful submarine out of a plastic bottle, playdough tub and lots of parcel tape!

I fell exhausted into bed at 8:30 which was just as well as I was woken by Robert at 5:30 – his insides are sore I think as we have had 2 dirty nappies in a hour and his tummy is rumbling :(.

Plans for the weekend – wasing and tidying – must spend some timewith my husband too!

Thought for the day : ‘Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence’ – Robert Frost


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