Fantastic Day

Yesterday i met a lady with a child just like T – C is the same age to within a couple of weeks and very similar. I got talking to her mum about something else entirely (BF older babies – i want to start a group!) and it came apparent that T and C weren’t going to sit and play so we went for a walk by the beach and to the park – and we just kept saying to each other ‘Does your child do….’ and they did – and we shared our concerns about possible diagnosis (adhd, autism etc) although we both agreed that they are just a variety of normal. Interestingly – C although not BF has a dummy that her mum can’t wean her off and seems to be vital to calm her down – sounds very familiar.

C is at nursery and finding it very difficult – and Mum is constantly called in to meetings to deal with ‘behaviour’ issues. i know that this is what would have happened with T too and am so glad i decided that it was a bad idea and that we are going to HE for a while at least. We agreed that it wasn’tso much a behaviour but an individual thing – but of course nurseries can’t deal very easily with individuals – everyone has to fit into the mold..

I t was fantastic to meet someone who understands what i go through and the worries and concerns i have. i have given her my phone and email addresses so hopefully she will get back in touch.

We have continued with the work books from Smiths and Thomas has become very adept at working out what rhymes and what doesn’t even without saying the words out loud. However we have all been ill this week and i have been dragging myself through days – no meal or even day planning has taken place. Hopefully the cold will finally shift over the weekend and we can get  back to normal a bit.

Jan introduced me to a coordinator from Homestart who is coming to visit me next week – a volunteer could come for a few hours a week and help out – which would allow me to have some 1:1 time with each of the boys and be truly fantastic.

I received a Sonlight catalogue today – I am going to get a lot of ideas from there i think though I am not sure that a curriculum is the way froward for us – at least atm it will be interesting to see it..


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  1. Leuk! Die jar vind ik trouwens een geweldig idee ^^ Click

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