We were on TV!

Yesterday R and I were on North Tonight promoting breastfeeding with my MW. All very exciting! He looked cute – I looked awful! I hope its done the cause some good 🙂

On the other hand the washing machine broke down 😦 Hopefully the engineer will get here tomorrow so its staying in today for two deliveries and tomorrow for the engineer – T will be climbig the walls!


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Space – our first project

T has always been quite interested in the moon but in the last few days he has become space mad! Today we have visited the library and taken out books on Space shuttles and exploration and we (read I) have also made a Space shuttle – i am quite impressed being a non-creative person. T is quite impressed, but also critical that I haven’t made living quarters inside! This evening the rain clouds lifted and we got a good view of the moon and spent a while imagining what it must be like to be up there..

We are considering attending the Muddlepuddle winter camp in January – would be a daunting prospect given that I won’t know anybody – but would be really nice to get to know other people doing HE at this early stage..

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An Introduction

I’m Claire, married to R and Mother to T aged 3 and R aged 10 months. We live in NE Scotland though we are both English.

Prior to starting a family I was a Speech and Language Therapist but have no plans to return to work as yet..

Parenting so far has been a massive adventure. I had no idea I would be so daunted by 8lbs of baby, that I would be so clueless so often or that I would learn so much about so much – including myself.

To my surprise I have become a tandem-feeding and co-sleeping mum. I also intend to home educate my children at least for a few years. I have allowed myself to be very led by T and his needs. He is a ‘spirited’ child who constantly refuses to fit a mould.

So here goes…

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